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  • Heat Pumps Need a New Name: Here’s Why “Two Way Air Conditioner” Makes More Sense
    Heat pumps are surging in popularity and being hailed as a critical part of the global mission to reach net-zero carbon emissions. But to achieve carbon emission goals, heat pump adoption by consumers has to be rapid, and, as we’ll show in this article, most consumers misunderstand what heat pumps are and what they do, […]
  • Heat Pumps Make Sense and Can Save Money in Texas
    What heat pumps are and how they work Heat pumps, despite their confusing name, are really just two-way air conditioners. They work identically to air conditioners in the summer (and look the same sitting outside your house), cooling your house by using a refrigerant (a fluid) to capture heat from in your house and dump […]
  • 5 Stats That Show Heat Pumps Work In Cold Climates
    Modern heat pumps absolutely work well in cold temperatures. In fact, most ducted heat pumps on the market today that replace central heating and air conditioning units work great down to sub-zero temperatures that are colder than it ever gets in the vast majority of cities in the United States, even major cities in Alaska, […]