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  • Heat Pump Prices
    (Jump directly to our heat pump price data) Heat pumps are exploding in popularity, so a key question everyone is asking is: how much do they cost? When we looked online, unfortunately all we saw was article after article giving ranges, typically around $2000 – $8000. But these ranges in heat pump prices aren’t helpful. […]
  • Heat Pump vs Air Conditioner: Why They’re More Similar Than You Think
    You may have heard that heat pumps can replace a typical gas or oil burning furnace as an extremely efficient way to heat your home. But did you know that a heat pump doesn’t just heat your home, it can cool it too?  That’s right.  A heat pump can do the job of a gas […]
  • Heat Pump vs. Furnace: Cost, Differences, and Recommendations
    We’ve noticed that most discussions about heat pumps vs. gas furnaces are very unsatisfyingly boring: they never tell you what you should get! They just list some pros and cons and say “well it depends on you!”. That’s not very helpful.   This article is different.   The more we researched heat pumps, the more we realized […]